2015 Newmar Dutch Star – Windshield Replacement

We have created a short little video documenting the proper steps to take when replacing a large RV front windshield with it's airbags set at ride height.  This is a tricky process, as in order to keep the RV at ride height, you must have the vehicle running.  This will prevent the windshield from moving out of place while it sets.  Please watch the video if you are interested in having Precision Auto Glass replace your RV windshield.  Note the care and details considered in this installation and you will see why Precision Auto Glass is Utah's number 1 choice!

2015 Newmar Dutch Star – Windshield Replacement

Chevy Avalanche Back Window Defect

Chevy Avalanche Back Windows Faulty And Leaky From Factory.

Every once and a while we see some pretty strange stuff here at our Precision Auto Glass Shop. Today was one of those days. We had a customer that called in and said he needed to get his back window fixed on his Chevy Avalanche. He said that he was having problems with it leaking water into the inside of his car and also his rear window defrosters were not working anymore. We then scheduled an appointment with him for later in the day.

When our customer arrived we pulled in his vehicle and started checking it out. What we found was the encapsulation, which is the black plastic trim that goes around the entire edge of the glass had shrunk and cracked in a few different spots. When this happened it brought on two issues with the window. The first was that now there was a few gaps that were letting water flood into the car. The second problem was the window defroster tabs had been pulled with the encapsulation and ripped away from the defrost grids (lines). There was no power getting to the defrost grids. If you look at the pictures that I posted to this blog you can see exactly what I am talking about.

The customer stated he had taken this to the Chevy Dealership first and they said this would not be covered under any warranty or recall. They did quote him over $1,000 for a new back window to replace the faulty one. Luckily for him he called Precision Auto Glass next and we were able to get him a new back window and install it for him for a small fraction of the price.

If you are having the same problem with your Chevy Avalanche give us a call or email us and we can quote you on getting a new back window and installing it for you. If you are outside of the state of Utah we would be happy to sell you a new back window and ship it to you and give you instructions on how to install the new glass. These back windows were designed by Chevy to give the driver the option to take it out to combine the back bed to the back seat of the vehicle. They are very easy to take out and put back in. Call us @ 801-520-3131 or email us at office@freeglassquote.com.

  • Chevy Avalanche Back Window Defect
    Chevrolet Avalanche Factory Defect
double paned rv window fogged up

Is Your Double Paned RV Window Fogged Up?

Are your RV windows fogged  up and just about impossible to see out of?  Is there moisture and/or corrosion inside the double pane windows that is impossible to clean?  Having fogged up RV windows can be dangerous when you cant see out of them.  You are driving a RV that is quite a bit bigger than a regular vehicle and you need to be able to see out of all your windows for safety reasons.  Fixing a fogged up double pane RV window can be an expensive endeavor if you don't know how to go about it.  We can help!  So now that we have established the need to get these fixed then whats next?

Your first reaction may be to call your local RV dealer and price out getting new windows directly from them.  There is a few problems with this approach.  Reason #1 - Many RV manufacturers have gone out of business and no longer sell parts (windows) for your RV.  #2  If your fogged window is in the same frame with other windows this can make buying from the RV dealer very expensive.   The dealer won't just sell you the one window.  You have to buy the whole frame that has up to 3-4 windows in the frame.  The price to buy the entire frame is generally $1500-$1800 plus shipping and installation charges!  The frame and windows can weigh over 100 pounds each and are costly to ship.  Fixing your windows through the dealer can rack up the price pretty quick!

Here at Precision Auto Glass we specialize in replacing foggy and broken RV windows.  We can save you hundreds of dollars rather then going with the RV dealer.  We have the know how to safely take out the frame and just have the foggy window replaced with a new sealed and insulated double pane unit.  We are able to re-use the frame and the other windows that are in good shape.  Some repair shops will try and drill a small hole in the glass to allow the moisture to dry out.  This is not the correct way to fix this problem.  It is temporary and will still fog up in rain storms and take days to dry out.  Over time the water that gets in the double pane will leave calcium buildup and will keep you from seeing through the window.  The usual culprit of foggy windows is a broken seal that allows moisture to get in between the two panes of glass.  Since the space in between is filled with an inert gas (usually argon) during manufacturing, once the seal is broken you will need to replace the whole window in most cases to maintain the thermal insulation capability and visibility.  

If you have foggy RV windows and are wanting to get them fixed correctly at affordable prices, simply give us a call @ 801-520-3131 or fill out the quote form on our website and we will contact you as soon as possible.

We custom build your new windows locally and are able to install them quickly, and save you money at the same time.  We would love to work with you on your RV windows and save you money!  Give us a call! 801-520-3131

custom classic car glass

Vintage Car or Custom Glass? No Problem!

Check out this vintage ride we just finished.  Custom everything...

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    Precision Glass Can Replace Glass In Your Classic Cars