Did your boat windshield shatter, break or crack? Precision can help. We specialize in custom boat glass repair and replacement. Trying to buy a new windshield for your boat from the manufacturer can be very difficult, expensive and usually impossible. That is where Precision Glass Company can help...
When you call us to fix your boat glass we will come out to wherever your boat is stored and measure and make a pattern of the glass. Once we have the pattern we take it back to our shop and cut the glass. Once the glass is cut to the correct shape and size we then fire it up in the kiln and temper the glass. This is done for 2 reasons. First, tempered glass is much more stronger then normal glass. It can take the pounding that driving a boat in waves can cause. Second is safety, tempered glass is considered safety glass. If someone in the boat got thrown through the glass it will break up into thousands of tiny pieces that are less likely to severely cut them. Normal annealed glass breaks into a few big, sharp pieces of glass that can do severe damage to a human. Take it from me, someone who has been in a severe boating accident and was thrown through the windshield. You want tempered safety glass in your boat. After the Glass is tempered and ready, we come back to the location of your boat and install the glass and clean up any broken glass left behind from the old glass. We always warranty all our work and have 15+ years of experience.

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