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Time is of the essence when it comes to rock chip repairs! Your rock chip is a ticking time bomb waiting to split out into a large crack. They can be unpredictable especially with weather changes. Getting your rock chip repaired before they crack is a safe, affordable and convenient way to save your windshield. It generally takes about 20 minutes to repair the rock chip.  This process saves the windshield from having to be replaced at a much higher price.  Most insurance companies will pay for the cost of the repair without raising premiums or any negative impact. In most cases they will waive your deductible for the repair.

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Q. Can any sized chip be repaired?

A. Yes any size can be fixed including long cracks.  You want to check with your county inspection rules to see what will pass inspection.  (Varies by county)

Q. Will the chip disappear after being fixed?

A. Not always.  Sometimes the rock chip will disappear and sometimes they wont.  Rock chip repair is a structural fix not visual.  Even if you can't still see the chip, it doesn't mean it is not fixed.

Q. Will my insurance pay for rock chip repair?

A. Most insurance companies WILL pay for rock chip repair if you  have full coverage.  They consider it preventative maintenance and would rather fix a chip then replace the whole windshield.  Check with your insurance to find out if they will cover it or call Precision Auto Glass @ 801-520-3131 and we can help you out!