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When it comes to replacing your windshield or side windows on your RV, you don't want just anyone doing the installation.  RV's windows are very complicated and if they are not installed properly can cause serious damage.  Precision Auto Glass has 15 years experience working on RV windows and works with and is preferred with all major RV insurance companies, big or small.  We have all the experience and proper tools to get the job done right.  We can get glass for all makes and models of RVs.  We can even cut custom glass for the hard to find RV windows.  We do all the insurance paperwork and make it simple and easy for YOU!  If you want to use your insurance give our shop a call before you call your insurance company and we will take you through the process step by step.  Precision Auto Glass is the trusted and preferred glass provider for many RV companies and almost all insurance companies around the state of Utah and western United States.


MOTOR HOME WINDSHIELDS POPPING OUT OF THE GASKET ON TRAVEL SUPREME RV So we had a customer call us about his Travel Supreme Insignia 40' motor home that had both of his windshields pop out of the gasket molding in the upper corners, when he was driving down the road. This particular motor home is known to have this problem very often. The manufacturer who is now out of business recommends that you get bracing installed. There are two types of bracing that they can put in. The first is I-beam bracing. This is mainly for the smaller sized motor homes like the 40' model that we were working on for our customer. The next type of bracing is the X brace. This is for the 45' motor home models. This bracing runs about $1500-$2500 to have installed. Our customer had already had the I-beam bracing installed and was ready to have his windshields fixed. This was the third time that this has happened to his RV. We did extensive research on how to fix the windshields and also fix the problem from happening again. We had encountered this same problem on a few other motor homes that were different makes. Every brand of RV windshield is different. Here are some of the things we did to fix his windshields and ensure they wouldn't pop out again. The first thing we did was pull out the old windshields very carefully without breaking them. Once we got them out we pulled off the old gasket and installed a brand new one as the old one was previously ripped from the windshields popping out. We used very strong Urethane to glue the gasket to the body of the RV. The center support in between the two pieces of glass had become loose and was not much support. The screws had been stripped out on the top and bottom. We used a larger size screw on the top and bottom to tighten the support. We also used an extra strip of sheet metal and gave the support extra support. We are confident that support will not get loose again. Once the new gasket was in place and glued to the body we measured the opening and also measured the windshields. The windshields seemed to be a bit too big and that is why the glass was popping out. Motor home windshields are designed to have a little bit of give and be able to adjust up and down and side to side a little when the RV is twisting and going over bumps down the road. The problem with the Travel Supreme is that there is no give in the windshields. It seems as if the windshields were made slightly too big for the opening in the RV. We took the sander to this problem and sanded off the slightest bit around the glass. Once we had done this the windshields went in like they were supposed to and had a much better fit. Once we got the glass in the gasket we glued the windshield to the gasket on the top and the sides. We didn't glue the bottom because we wanted the glass to be able to shift a little. I will be putting up some before and after photo's of this job. With everything we did, I don't expect the windshields to pop out again. Thanks for your business Mike and have safe travels on the road!
  • RV with old windshield removed
    RV with old windshield removed

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